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Brittanie DeChino Baumgartner

Realtor & Marketing Consultant


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I moved to the Washington, DC Metro region in 2006 for what was intended to be a 3-year Grad School (GWU) experience and I'd be back in New York City once I graduated. But something strange happened in 2009.....after years of comparing DC to NYC, I walked past a sticker on a sidewalk grate on P Street in Logan Circle. It said "This is not New York." And finally, I thought to myself, that's right, this is not New York, AND THAT IS OKAY!


And once I let go of that comparison, I immediately realized how much I had fallen in love with DC over the previous years and how happy I was to be living here. The DMV (a somewhat cheesy name, but it is efficient!) is filled with earnest people who are trying to make changes in our world. We have green everywhere and, over the course of the last 15 years, our restaurant industry has exploded. We have the arts and we have all the museums you could ever want to see (and most of them are free!). It is sunny a lot (and yes, it can get quite hot) and people are, generally, pretty healthy and socially & environmentally conscious.


It feels good to be here, surrounded by people really trying to do the work to help our country and the world.

I'm honored to contribute by helping people in our community navigate their life changes as they relate to HOME. 

How'd I get into Real Estate?


In 2015, after nearly a decade of running my own Wellness business, I was feeling burnt out and ready for a change. I recalled something a Vedic Astrologer, Brendan Feeley, told me in 2013 when he read my chart - "you are perfectly set up for a successful career in Real Estate!" At the time I laughed and laughed! Me back in a corporate setting? Not spending my days helping people? I simply couldn't see it.

In a down moment in 2015, I recalled this insight and I phoned my friend Lyssa Seward (who helped us buy our first home) and said "I am considering getting my Real Estate license. Will you mentor me and teach me everything you know?"

She (of course, because she is truly the most generous person I know), graciously accepted and even encouraged me! I worked by her side for the remainder of 2015 and all of 2016 until I was certain I both had what it takes and the passion necessary to make this my new life. 

And, the most surprising thing of all: it's not so different than what I was doing in Wellness. I didn't realize that in Real Estate I would continue helping people - just in a new way! I use my Stress Management skills to help my clients through major life choices and changes every single day. I am serving in a real and tangible way and it is exponentially more rewarding than I ever thought it could be. 

I became a full time agent when we moved to TTR Sotheby's International Realty in January 2017 and the rest, as they say, is history. 


I achieve many goals in my professional career but, truly, the highest honor is helping my clients every single day. 


Brittanie DeChino
TTR Sotheby's
International Realty





(202) 802-0158

400 S Washington St

Arlington, VA 22314


Thanks for reaching out!

You can also call or text me at (202) 802-0158.

I look forward to connecting!

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